UTAH (ABC4) – Xeriscaping, a style of landscape design requiring little or no irrigation or other maintenance, which is typically used in arid regions, is something to strongly consider as drought continues to plague the state.

It’s a big way to save water right outside your front door, and with it already being another dry year in Utah, “The name of the game is preparation,” says the city of South Jordan’s Rachael Van Cleave.

South Jordan is one of many cities across the state encouraging homeowners to be smart with water usage in their yards.

“As a city, we are trying to offer as many incentives as possible for our residents,” she says.

The Jordan Water Conservancy District offers classes to help you with replacing your grass and they have water-wise landscaping examples on display to show you how your yard could look without grass.

“Grass is the water sucking enemy here in terms of water conservation,” says Van Cleave.

Various cities offer rebates on qualifying materials, like plants, rocks, and other costs. Additionally, you could save money on your water bill.

And for homeowners that aren’t ready to get rid of their grass, there are other ways to reduce your water usage.

Installing drip systems for your plants and trees, and smart sprinkler controllers that will follow the weather and water less when needed are just two of the ways you can help.

Either way, as the drought continues to be a problem in our climate, it is a smart idea to get on board with water conservation, and to plan ahead with a drought-resistant landscape.