Workers discover handgun while sorting materials at Logan recycling plant

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LOGAN (News4Utah) – Some people don’t know how to properly dispose of a gun, which is probably why two of them have been found in the sorting line at the Revolve Recycling plant in the last six months.

Lee Kinder, plant manager for Revolve Recycling, said employees discovered a handgun Monday on their single-stream line.

“It was a little bit of a shock to actually see it. Everybody wondered whether it was really real so we’ve tried to explain to them that even if it’s not, we want to make sure we stop the line just for the safety of all involved,” said Kinder.

He said that stopping the production line is a big deal for their company.

“It costs anywhere between $700 to $900 an hour to run that piece of machinery. Shutting it down for any long, extended period of time is actually a detriment to our production,” said Kinder. “We really try not to stop as much as we possibly can, but in the same token too, we want our employees to be safe.”

After Kinder was alerted about the handgun, he contacted law enforcement and turned it over to them. While the act of recycling is beneficial, Captain Curtis Hooley with Logan Police Department said guns do not belong in the blue bin.

“People do go through recycling bins to see what’s in there. We don’t want guns to be put into the hands of people that shouldn’t have. whether it’s a child or an adult with a criminal background who could use that for something dangerous,” said Cpt. Hooley.

If you want to get rid of your gun, Cpt. Hooley said this is how to safely dispose of it:

  • Destroy it
  • Turn it into your local law enforcement office
  • Sell it to a federally firearms-licensed dealer

Cpt. Hooley said their department is looking for who the gun belongs to and how it got into the recycling bin before they’ll decide if they’ll press charges. They’ve tracked the ownership to Utah county.

Kinder said Revolve Recycling is establishing a safety protocol in the case their employees encounter a firearm or deadly weapon again.

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