Work finished on $75.8 million Farmington High School

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FARMINGTON, Utah (News4Utah) After two years, construction is complete on the $75.8 million Farmington High School.

In August, about 1,500 students will take classes in the new building designed to be more like a college than a traditional high school.

“It’s really phenomenal,” said senior Madison Wolf. “There is a lot of technology. It is very clean and organized. I love the way they put it together.”

Outside, the color scheme reflects nearby Farmington Bay. Inside, natural light illuminates the two-story lobby.

“We are excited to finally now start having students in the building,” Principal Richard Swanson said.

The school comes after voters approved a $298 million bond in 2015 to alleviate overcrowding in Viewmont and Davis High Schools. 

“We needed somewhere to put the students and the residents said, yeah we agree,” Davis County School District Spokesperson Chris Williams said. 

Reminiscent of a 400,000 square foot corporate building instead of a high school, teachers offices line the hallways. 
Learning suites hold shared classrooms of various sizes. Each one has a large glass wall.

“This will be the first fully-comprehensive school in the State of Utah, that we are aware of, that is moving in this pace in this way,” Principal Swanson said.

Architects say the school is extremely energy efficient and will create most of its own power. The school is expected to last through 2093. 

“It’s designed to accommodate the new ideas in learning including collaboration and teaching people how to work together,” VCBO Architecture’s Jeanne Jackson said.

Two hundred security cameras cover the school. Exterior doors around the learning suites automatically lock for emergency lockdown and evacuations. 

The Farmington High “Phoenix” name did some cause controversy last year. Some concerned parents and students though that when plural, the name sounds like a part of the male anatomy. The administration stands behind it, adding that the student body as a whole is a phoenix.

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