SANDY, Utah (ABC4) – Utah drivers received a furry surprise as a husky casually strolled by standstill traffic on I-15 in Sandy.

Traffic cameras caught a wild sight as the husky was seen trotting alongside traffic on Wednesday.

When animal control officers arrived near the dog’s location, they had a tough time chasing tail.

Salt Lake County Animal Services says crew members chased the dog from the 7200 south 215 interchange to about 106 south before losing sight of her. A few hours went by before the dog was spotted again near 5900 South.

Eventually, a bystander was able to safely apprehend the rogue pup near 9000 South. Animal control members later transferred the dog to an animal shelter.

Officials discovered the dog did not have a microchip or a dog tag at the time.

“She is now resting peacefully at the animal shelter,” officials say. “This girl ran miles and miles! And considering all of that her paws are a little sore, but seem in good condition.”

(Courtesy of Salt Lake County Animal Services)