WOODS CROSS (ABC4 News) – The Woods Cross Police Department asked the Davis County Attorney’s Office to review “what transpired” after an officer drew his gun on a 10-year-old boy last week.

A Woods Cross police officer admitted to pointing his gun at 10-year-old DJ Hrubes during a manhunt for several armed suspects.

Alluding to possible prejudice, the boy’s mother, Jerri Hrubes, and the NAACP Salt Lake Branch called for an investigation into what happened.

Jerri Hrubes looks at her son, DJ, during a news conference on Friday, June 7, 2019. Jerri called for an independent investigation after a police officer pointed a gun at him during a search for armed suspects.

At a news conference Monday afternoon, chiefs of police for Centerville and Woods Cross, gave their accounts of what happened.

“This was a multi-agency response to report of violent crime involving the use of a firearm by the suspects we were looking for,” said Woods Cross Police Chief Chad Soffee.

He along with Centerville Chief of Police Paul Child, described the situation as a “rapidly evolving situation with dangerous criminals.” Police said the responding officers were given varying descriptions of the suspect ranging from Hispanic, Polynesian to Black.

Here is the account of the incident, police presented:

“Our officers saw a black male running toward the street. Our officer pulls over, tells the young man that he wants to talk to him. The young man looks at him and starts to run across the front lawn of the yard. Our officer draws his gun and gives commands for the young man to get on the ground—thinking this is one of the suspects we are looking for. The young man complies with his request. Once the suspect is face down on the ground, my officer approaches – him going from the front of his car to the sidewalk. And as he gets closer, he realizes this is not the suspect. He immediately holsters his weapons at this time, this young man’s mother comes out yelling ‘that this is my 10-year-old son.’ Our officer tells both the young man and his mother that we are looking for two armed suspects and that they need to go into their home. We believe the total time of this encounter was very short, far less than one minute.”

-Woods Cross Police Chief Chad Soffee

Chief Soffe said everyone in the situation “responded in accordance with protocol.” He said department’s policy does not require an investigation when an officer draws, but not discharge his firearm. But “to be totally transparent and to alleviate some of the concerns,” he has asked the Davis Davis County Attorney’s Office to provide an independent review of what transpired.

“As chiefs of police in this community, Centerville and Woods Cross, we care about very much about our minority population. We realize this predominately a white area and there are very few that are minorities in this area. We care about them. We want them to feel safe. We want them to feel like we value them in our community. ”

Centerville Police Chief Paul Child

Chief Child said the person officer arrested in connection with the incident was born in the United States, has a Brazil passport, and “looks white.” He went on to say that they there are two outstanding suspects who have not been identified.

“We to this day, don’t know the identity of all the individuals involved,” said Chief Child.

Black Lives Matter Utah says the officer involved should be fired.

“We are still asking for them to be fired. And we have filed a formal complaint with the FBI’s Salt Lake City Civil Rights Division,” said Josianne Petit with Black Lives Matter Utah. “If he followed protocol, and did absolutely nothing wrong, then your protocol needs to be looked at — because that’s unacceptable. There should be no circumstance in which it is OK to point a  gun at a 10-year-old child and say sorry, and walk away.”

The group plans to protest Friday at 6:30 p.m. Click here for details.


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