OGDEN, Utah (ABC4 News) – The intuition of an Ogden mother may have helped save her and her children from harm after a stranger broke into their house while they were home Wednesday night.

According to Ogden City Police Lt. Michael Boone, the incident happened around 9:30 p.m. at a home near 24th street. Due to privacy reasons, we are choosing not to list the exact address of the incident.

The woman said a man was knocking on her door and when she asked who it was, she did not recognize what he said as he seemed to be slurring his words then stopped answering her all together.

The woman said something just didn’t seem right, so she grabbed her two children and went and hid in another room and called the police.

While in the room, the man kicked at the door, eventually kicking all the way through her front door and entered her home. She said she could hear him walking around and talking to himself for a few minutes before police arrived.

When police got to the home, the suspect had already fled the scene.

Boone said they are uncertain what the man’s intentions were or exactly why he choose this home, but the incident is under investigation.

The woman said she wanted to thank the Ogden City police for their response and how they have handled the incident, saying they have been awesome to her and her family.

And in another show of kindness, the woman said she went to the ReStore in Ogden on Thursday and they donated a metal exterior door to her. She said she has just been overwhelmed with all the wonderful people who have helped them since the incident.

If anyone knows anything about the suspect who may have been involved, please contact Ogden City Police at 801-629-8221.

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