CEDAR CITY, Utah (ABC4) – Kim Phifer says she’s trying to buy a couple of huskies from a family in Cedar City after seeing them left in 100 degree weather, chained to a metal cage on concrete.

“This is ridiculous, it isn’t humane, nobody likes seeing this. When I first saw them, there was no shade, no food, no water, they’ve changed the situation and it’s still unacceptable,” says Phipher.

Phifer says she rescued one of the huskies two weeks ago after offering the family $200.

“There was initially three dogs, one of them was chained to a tree, the other two one to a pole, one to the porch. I was able to rescue one of them,” says Phifer.

According to Cedar City Police, officers checked on the dogs Thursday morning and say these conditions aren’t in violation of the law.

“I’m just here to save the dogs, I don’t want any trouble, I just want these dogs taken care of you know, I just want these laws to change,” says Phifer.

After seeing images of the dogs, veterinarian Dr. Cameron Norton says these conditions aren’t acceptable.

“Any outdoor animals should either be misted when it’s this hot or brought indoors really, they need to be in shade and have shade all day long,” says Dr, Norton.

The owner didn’t answer the door, but Phifer says she’s in contact with them to purchase another one of the dogs.

“We just hit 115 degrees yesterday and animal control, they can only do so much,” says Phifer.

Dr. Norton says if you’re not comfortable outside or walking barefoot on pavement, chances are neither is your animal.