Woman transported to hospital after being hit by two cars on Redwood Rd.

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News)- Salt Lake City police say a woman is recovering at an area hospital after she was hit by two vehicles. It happened off Redwood Road at the intersection of South Temple as she was crossing the street. 

Det. Michael Ruff with Salt Lake City Police said the woman was walking with someone else toward the crosswalk. “Apparently, she got about halfway across when the light changed,” he said.

Police say the two left an area gas station around 7 a.m. when the crash happened. 

“There was a vehicle heading northbound that did not see her that was traveling at a low rate of speed; she was struck by that vehicle, came off of that vehicle and there was another vehicle that was traveling at a higher rate of speed that also hit her,” the detective said.

Paramedics rushed the critically injured woman to the hospital. Police say she was conscious at the time and should survive. Both drivers stayed on scene and cooperated with police. 

Witnesses tell ABC4 News the light changed while the woman was halfway through the crosswalk. 

Det. Ruff said, “We are actually in the middle of pedestrian safety and crosswalk enforcement.”

Police want drivers to remember to watch for pedestrians inside the crosswalk and for pedestrians to make sure to hit the crosswalk button before crossing the street

“If that hand is flashing, we urge pedestrians you can’t cross unless that white walk symbol is on,” said the detective. “If it is flashing or the numbers are counting down don’t start crossing the street or you are not going to make it in time.”

There is another issue dealing with crosswalks you need to know about.

“The law recently changed for school zones, that they are required to stop for the whole roadway. So even if that person has made it out of your half of the roadway, if it is a school zone you have to stay stopped until they make it all the way to to the curb,” Det. Ruff adds.

Police say pedestrians should wear bright or reflective clothing while crossing the street especially because of how dark it is in the early morning hours. 

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