SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – A Salt Lake County woman is facing charges for allegedly selling negative COVID-19 tests at Salt Lake City International Airport.

Linda Tufui Toli has been charged with one count of wire fraud for allegedly selling counterfeit negative COVID-19 tests to travelers through her former job XpresCheck at the airport, charging documents state.

Officials say Toli intercepted calls from travelers seeking to schedule COVID-testing services from XpresCheck in order to travel to Hawaii, Israel, or other destinations. She would cancel their appointments with XpresCheck for preflight testing — falsely telling travelers that they only needed a letter from XpresCheck to travel to their destination and that they could upload the letter to Hawaii (or another destination’s) website.

Toli then reportedly arranged for travelers to purchase counterfeit negative COVID-19 test results, instead of obtaining legitimate COVID tests from XpresCheck. She allegedly had travelers send money to her personal Cash App or Xpres account, and also her husband’s Venmo account to pay for the service, court records state.

Toli charged travelers $200 to $250 per counterfeit test result.

Police say she used phones and her personal email account to create counterfeit negative test results while instructing travelers how to upload the test results to various websites to facilitate their air travel to destinations requiring negative test results.

Toli used a prior Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments (CLIA) number on the counterfeit negative COVID-19 test result forms to evade detection and further conceal the scheme.

XpresCheck provided on-site COVID-19 testing in the airport for people traveling to Hawaii and several other destinations. During the pandemic, these destinations required a negative COVID-19 test from travelers before boarding a flight there.