EMERY COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – A man has been arrested after police say he hit two pedestrians with his truck, killing one of them Sunday night.

Police have arrested Brock Braxton Lee Allred, 20 after he allegedly ran over a man and woman in Cleveland, Utah shortly after 10 p.m.

Police say they were initially flagged down by the man who was hit by the truck when they responded to the incident. Both the man and woman were taken to a local hospital, but the woman later died from her injuries.

When interviewed by police, Allred said he just finished dropping a co-worker home when he looked away from the road for a “split-second” and saw the two pedestrians right after. He said he swerved in an attempt to miss them, but ended up hitting the woman with his right front fender, arrest records state.

On the scene, there were two people who knew Allred personally who stopped to talk to the police.

The first person told police that Allred had run “roughly 813 feet” to his home. Allred allegedly entered the home in a panic, slamming the door and asked him for change. Allred also asked his friend for some cologne.

The second person alleges that he was heading to his house on South Flat Road when he saw a person who he soon recognized as Allred.

Allred told the person he’d hit a couple and asked the person to pass a breathalyzer test for him. As the man drove away, Allred “told him to pull over and let him in and do the test for him,” court records state.

Police also say they smelled alcohol on Allred while speaking with him.

Deputies also found a full can of beer in Allred’s truck along with a cooler that had multiple cans of beer in it. The cooler was found on the other side of a fence behind a bush.

Allred was booked on charges of negligently operating a vehicle resulting in injury, negligently operating a vehicle resulting in death, obstruction of justice, DUI, alcohol possession by a minor, and failure to remain at an accident involving serious injury.

The woman who was killed has not yet been identified.