LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – A Mesquite woman, who is originally from Magna, Utah, spoke exclusively to 8 News Now after enduring an armed robbery and kidnapping during her graveyard shift at a gas station.

Brandy Parry is the manager at Terrible Herbst convenience store in Mesquite and described her shift as “usually slow.”

However, her shift on Sunday, July 24, would prove to be an unforgettable day.

Police said Kyle Dynes, 34, entered the store armed with a gun just after midnight and demanded money from her register.

“He said I’m sorry but I need you to give me your f—— money,” she recalled.

Kyle Dynes faces several charges including kidnapping and armed robbery (Mesquite PD)

Parry tells 8 News Now that was the moment she decided to comply with Dynes’s command.

“I opened my register, took everything out that I had in it and when he pulled out his bag his gun came out, that’s when I knew it was my fight or flight,” Parry added. “By the time I got all the money bagged, he tells me ‘you need to come with me,’ and I was so freaked out.”

Parry then said Dynes forced her to leave the store and get into a car.

“I was thinking he didn’t want to leave a witness based on how agitated he was. I thought I was as good as dead,” she recalled. “I wanted to sit as close to the door as I could because if I had to jump out, I was going to.”

Parry then described her attempt to convince Dynes to let her go.

“All I kept telling him was, I have kids I have grandkids I’m human, and you are taking somebody’s wife, somebody’s grandma, somebody’s mother,” she added.

Then the unthinkable happened, as Parry described Dynes allowing her to get out of the car moments before he headed out onto the I-15.

Police said Dynes let Parry out of the car near the CasaBlanca resort.

“I’m trying to flag a car down that is driving past, and they kept driving, and I’m thinking he’s going to come back, he is going to regret letting me go, he is going to come back and finish me,” she recalled.

Eventually, Parry said she was able to call 911 and then run to the resort.

Days after the horrific experience, she said she believes reminding the suspect who she was may have ended up saving her life.

“I think humanizing myself made it harder for him to harm me in any way,” she added.

Though it has only been a few days since the incident, Parry said she is determined to be known as a survivor, not a victim, and hopes that others can learn from her experience.

“You may have made me scared, you may have given me PTSD, but I am strong and I will not let him get my life, my life is mine and I am going to take it back,” she added.

Police arrested Dynes later that day and charged him with felony robbery with the use of a deadly weapon, felony first-degree kidnapping, and misdemeanor obstructing an officer.

Top left to right: Cody Jones, David Jordan Jr., Nicole Dessecker, Kyle Dynes, Tabbeth Perez arrested on Sunday, July 24. (Mesquite PD)

Police also said four other people were arrested for crimes in connection with Dynes on Sunday.