SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Ten more airline passengers are facing thousands of dollars in fines for their alleged assault-related unruly behavior, including one woman en route to Salt Lake City International Airport.

On Wednesday, the Federal Aviation Administration proposed another $201,287 in civil penalties against passengers accused of unruly actions. Since the start of 2021, the FAA has received more than 100 reports of passenger disturbances involving physical assault, which is prohibited by federal law.

One of the newest cases involves a woman flying from Detroit to Salt Lake City on a December 2020 Delta Air Lines flight. According to the FAA, the woman refused to follow instructions from the flight crew to wear her mask, threatened and cursed at crewmembers, and even shoved one of them.

The FAA has levied a $24,000 fine against the unidentified woman.

Among the other passengers facing fines is a woman flying from Austin to San Francisco that refused to fasten her seatbelt, threw garbage at flight attendants, and snatched cookies from nearby passengers.

Earlier this year, the FAA levied a $10,500 fine against a man flying out of Provo who refused to wear his mask over his mouth and nose during the flight. Flight attendants instructed him seven different times to wear the mask properly, but the FAA says the man moved it off his nose every time the attendant walked away.

Once the flight landed, the man reportedly approached a flight attendant from behind as she prepared to open the cabin door and touched her. According to the FAA, the man told the woman she was being aggressive about the policy and got very close to her while complaining about her enforcing the policy.

A man flying out of Salt Lake City is facing a $9,000 fine for also refusing to wear a mask on his Delta Air Lines flight to Long Beach, California, in February.

On a Labor Day flight landing in Salt Lake City, a Las Vegas man was arrested after he was reportedly combative while on the flight. In videos shared with ABC4, the man can be seen yelling at a flight crew member and growling as he places his mask inside his mouth.