Woman arrested for trying to send drugs to boyfriend in jail

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UTAH COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 News) – A jail inmate faces additional charges, and his girlfriend was arrested after deputies said she sent him drugs through the mail.

On June 24, an employee screening incoming inmate mail found that someone had concealed illegal drugs in greeting cards addressed to a current inmate named Christopher McKay Cartwright, 32 of Provo, according to Utah County Sheriff’s Office.

Cartwright’s phone calls were monitored and investigators found that on June 19, Cartwright called his girlfriend and asked her to contact a friend because he was sick.

The girlfriend then went on to tell Cartwright that she and the friend went to Walmart and hoped “it” will make him feel better, according to deputies.

The girlfriend also told Cartwright to look for a letter from grandma and officials said the tone and manner in Cartwright’s voice showed he understood what that meant.

Officials said on June 25, a letter came in again for Cartwright which also contained the prescription medication Suboxone in the form of sublingual strips. The drugs were found by a jail property clerk.

The amount of drugs sent to Cartwright through the mail is reportedly about 90 individual doses.

Investigators identified Destanee Breanne Redman, 26, of American Fork as the person suspected of sending the drugs to Cartwright.

Redman and Cartwright were charged with three-second degree felonies of arranging to or distributing a controlled substance in a drug-free zone.

Cartwright and Redman are boyfriend and girlfriend and officials said they were both on supervised probation with the Utah Department of Adult Probation and Parole.

Bail for both of Cartwright and Redman is set at $10,000 cash or bond on their most recent charges, according to officials, however, AP&P has also placed a hold on them and they are being held without bail on unrelated matters.

Both Cartwright and Redman deny any involvement in the incident but jail records indicate differently, according to officials.

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