(ABC4) – It’s looking like winter out there! After a stormy Friday and Saturday across Utah, mountainous regions across the state are reporting a healthy dose of snowfall this morning.

ABC4’s weather team has reported stormy skies to stay much of the weekend, a much-needed relief for Utah’s drought crisis. Take note of road closures along Guardsman Pass and Summer Road this weekend due to wintry weather conditions.

Officials say 95% of Utah’s water source comes from snowpack, which is snow that has fallen and accumulated, but not melted. Reservoirs of all sizes are located throughout the state to catch and store any rainfall or snowpack runoff to prevent water shortages for residents.

But as long as Utah experiences low rainfall, residents are at a constant threat of water shortage due to overuse. So this weekend’s plentiful snowfall is a welcome sight.

Check out all the places around Utah being turned into a winter wonderland!

Deer Valley Resort reported their first snowfall of the season:

Bald Mountain Pass saw plenty of wintry snowfall overnight:

Park City woke up to a blanket of white snow:

Snowbird reported six inches of snowfall overnight:

(Courtesy of Snowbird)

Alta has a blanket of white snow across their slopes:

Solitude Mountain Resort saw frosty conditions this morning:

Parley’s Canyon saw falling snow along highways:

The National Weather Service Salt Lake City tracked overnight snowfall of high altitude areas: