UTAH (ABC4) – Truck drivers and UDOT agree; when truck drivers are in high wind conditions, the best thing to do is slow down or stop driving. Truck drivers said things get particularly windy through 1-80 connecting Utah and Wyoming. 

Truckers saying during windy weather they take precautions to keep themselves and others safe, especially on I-80 where semi rollovers seem to be more common. 

“Crazy, it’s crazy, crazy wind over there, it’s insane wind,” truck driver Chuck Bradford said. 

Trucks with light loads are more susceptible to heavy winds, knocking them over and pushing them into other lanes. 

“You got to keep your hands on the wheel at all times. A gust of wind coming by and it can make you change lanes pretty quick,” truck driver Brian Shipley said 

And when they feel those winds, it can be scary.

“It’s kinda like a rollercoaster ride, just doing the best I can because you never know how it’s gonna rock you around,” truck driver Mike Dent said. 

“Pushing you back and forth, all you can do is make adjustments with your steering wheel,” Bradford said. 

They agree there’s a simple thing they can do to keep themselves and others safe. 

“Slow down, it’s all about slowing down,” Bradford said. 

Some companies require drivers to pull off the road and find a safe place to park when there’s a high wind advisory. 

UDOT works closely with truck drivers and gets the word out through alerts, social media and the Utah Trucking Association to keep drivers safe.  

“Just getting that communication out that this may be the time to slow down or pull over,” UDOT public Information Officer John Gleason said. 

Winds from 50-55 miles per hour can be enough to tip over semi-trucks with light loads, according to UDOT, so it’s best to slow down, watch weather conditions and keep your distance, 

UDOT and truck drivers are again reminding people that if a semi-truck is going slow, it’s for a good reason, so keep your distance and avoid cutting them off too quickly.