‘Wind Therapy’: Utah woman says her motorcycle is helping her beat cancer

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SPRINGVILLE (News4Utah) – Kimberly Brimhall got her Harley Davidson “Louie” months before being diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. She’s now stable, and she credits “wind therapy” with her success. 

Brimhall found riding after meeting her husband.

“Anybody who rides a motorcycle knows that wind therapy is real and it’s amazing. I was rejuvenated once I was able to get on my motorcycle and ride, it made chemo a lot easier.”

She’s turned her energy to helping other women with metastatic breast cancer through a non-profit organization called Met-Warriors.

Brimhall said, “I love traveling I love riding Louie but there’s something bigger out there for me and so I need to help those around me who are fighting the same fight that I am.”

She’s organizing a fundraising event this October called “Treasure Ye Chests” Pirate Party and Treasure Run. 

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