Will Trump start a war between the U.S. & North Korea?

Local News
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Activists gathered at the Wallace Bennett Federal Building in downtown Salt Lake City on Saturday to protest President Donald Trump, saying his actions will lead the United States to World War III.
According to a Facebook Event Invite created by the Utah Anti-War Committee, the group called for activists to gather because,
“The unstable president of the United States Donald Trump has called for using nuclear weapons against North Korea — a small, poor nation of just a few million people, but a nation that is nevertheless politically important. 
He’s been blustering, threatening, and saber-rattling since he was on the campaign trail. But now Trump has the power to bring his half-baked visions of war to fruition — and his approval ratings are so low that he just might do it. 
We can’t let Trump start yet another US war. Let’s tell him keep his tiny hands off the DPRK!”

Although there were less than fifty people as Saturday’s gathering, they tell ABC4 Utah’s Brittany Johnson, that every change begins small before it becomes a movement.

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