Wildfire scorches more than 300 acres near Deer Creek Reservoir

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WASATCH COUNTY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) Flames consumed more 300 acres near Deer Creek Reservoir in the Provo Canyon Monday. 
The fire was threatening homes  in the Canyon Meadows sub division and residents were told to be prepared to evacuate. These homes are no longer considered threatened, but firefighters are still telling residents to be prepared to leave if the winds shift.
One of the things putting this neighborhood in danger is the thick amount of fuels like tall grasses and oak trees, that come right up against people’s homes.
As fire trucks rolled to the front lines neighbors were busy doing what they could to protect their homes.
“It’s creeping this way. Yea I know I’m just soaking the property,” said Richard Losee, resident. 
 Losee noticed how fast the fire was moving and came to make sure people were OK.
“Saw out my back window I live on the other side of Deer Creek. On the other side of the dam right here, and it started billowing at that point.”
This is the first major fire to roll through this area in nearly a decade which has left a lot of fuels to burn, and creating a danger for crews on the front lines.
“It’s hard to work in because it’s tall you know 20-30 feet tall, and it creates a hazard for the firefighters.”
Fire crews say a lack of access and roads throughout the terrain also makes things difficult.
They hope some of the conditions Monday tonight will make it easier to gain ground.
“As things get cooler tonight we will be able to put more people in closer to the fire line and be more effective with some of the work we are doing up there.”
Officials have confirmed this fire was human caused but have not release any more details as to how the fire was started. 
They estimate it could take about a week before this fire is completely out and a shift in winds could easily put these homes back in harms way.

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