Why you should not skip Artist Alley at FanX 2019

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Superheroes will abound at the Salt Lake FanX’s spring convention! On the guest roster, we have stars who have played Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Shazam!, Luke Cage, Cyclops, Mantis, etc..

These heroes and their stories were lifted from the panels of comic books and adapted to film and television with varying degrees of faithfulness but near ubiquitous success.

At comic conventions, we have the power to share some of that success with the people who first brought superheroes to life–and continue to do so. 

When you attend Salt Lake City’s FanX this April, in between your celebrity panels and photo-ops, head to Artist Alley. FanX hasn’t dropped the full list of artist booths, but here are just some of the comic creators to look out for: 

John Beatty & Mike Zeck

The two veteran comic book artists, with titles like ‘The Punisher’ and ‘Secret Wars’ under their belts, have teamed up to take on the convention scene. If you’re nostalgic for the bold comic styles of the 80s and 90s, you’ll want to check these guys out. Steve Grant, who wrote for that same run of ‘The Punisher,’ will also be there. 

Camilla d’Errico

A purveyor of whimsical and surreal art, heavily influenced by Japanese manga, d’Errico’s work has been picked up by independent comic publishers like Boom! Studios, Image Comics, IDW and Dark Horse as well as seen on toys and clothing. A must-see if you’re an enamel pin collector. 

Michael Golden

Another veteran of the industry, Golden left his mark on comics back in the 1970s with work for Marvel and DC Comics. He’s partially responsible (along with Chris Claremont) for the creation of the Marvel character Rogue. Enough said.

Brian Haberlin

A comic creator and digital artist that arrived on the West Coast scene as indie comics exploded in the 80s and 90s, and co-created one of the best-known series to come out of it– ‘Witchblade.’

Jonathan Maberry

A best-selling author and comic creator, his series ‘V-Wars’ is the basis for an upcoming Netflix show starring Ian Somerhalder.

Humberto Ramos

A comic artist who’s lent his talents to top titles at Marvel. Even if you don’t recognize his name, you’re sure to recognize his art and iconic style if you’ve been inside a comic book shop in the last two decades. Most recently, he’s the artist on Marvel’s ‘The Amazing Spider-Man.’

Arthur Suydam

The artist behind the Marvel Zombies covers and so much more. You’ll know his work by the use of classical painting and by the urge to frame it and hang it in your home.  

Doug Wagner

A Utah-based comic book writer with two recent projects published by Image Comics– ‘Plastic’ and ‘The Hard Place.’ 

Finally, here are some more local comic creators you can meet and support at FanX:

Sal Velluto (‘Black Panther,’ ‘The Phantom’)

Chris Hoffman (‘Salt City Strangers’)

Travis Romney (‘So Utah Comic Strip’)

Shelbi Webb (the 13-year-old who created ‘Sugar Glider’ to help other kids cope with bullying, body image issues and suicide)

Tickets for FanX (April 19-20, 2019) are available on the event website

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