Why women need to think about retirement savings

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Ryan Thacker from BOSS Retirement Solution joined Good Morning Utah to talk about challenges faced by women in retirement.  He explained that social security income can be cut between 30 and 50 percent if you’re married and your spouse passes away.
This is only something experienced by women “because they are living longer and a spouse passes away 30 to 50 percent of social security income goes away and the second thing is the health care cost. Everyone is afraid of their health care cost. This is a big deal. A recent study shows that a 65 year old woman will pay 235 thousand more dollars or more out of pocket and above what Medicare covers for healthcare costs and that’s a big deal,” Ryan explained.
Boss has created a wealth plan especially for women.  This plan creates confidence because it gives people a plan and a strategy.
If you would like the free blueprint, try calling 801-701-8881. The first ten viewers to call will get it for free.
Learn more at bossretirement.com.
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