Why solar energy is increasing in popularity in Utah

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You have probably noticed the panels on more and more rooftops as solar power gains popularity in the Beehive State.

Why are thousands of Utahns making the switch to solar energy? Utah Solar Energy says it is a great investment. In Utah, there are more than 300,000 homes powered by solar energy.

Top reasons Utahns go solar:

  •  Save money on their utility bills
  • Do their part to improve the environment, specifically our poor air quality
  • Beneficial way to prepare for emergencies

Utah Solar Energy Association says one of the best parts of having solar panels is taking advantage of net metering. Net metering works like this – when you generate more energy from your panels than you consume, you can export this energy to Rocky Mountain Power and receive a credit to offset your utility bill.

They say the average Utahn would save about $1,200 each year with solar panels.

Visit utsolar.org to learn more.

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