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Don Hudson and Police Officers

On the streets.  Investigating. Serving our communities.

Often putting their lives on the line to keep us safe.

For four years, ABC4 Utah’s Don Hudson has been shining a well-deserved spotlight on law enforcement officers…showing how, and why, they choose to protect and serve.

If you know an outstanding officer that goes above and beyond the call of duty, tell us here at so that we can share his, or her, inspiring story. Then tune in for our "Behind the Badge” reports Tuesdays at 10:00 on ABC4 Utah.

Why He Loves Teaching the Public All About Police Work – Behind the Badge

Local News
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 UTAH) The Unified Police Department citizen academy is held two times a year. It teaches people – like you and me – about police work and the situations officers face all the time. And the officer in charge of the academy is Detective Chuck Malm. He says this is one of his favorite parts of police work. And in this week’s Behind the Badge report we get to know the Unified detective.
“I was done, man. I really found it exciting.”
That was Chuck Malm’s feeling after his first ride along with police in Washington County.
“I found the opportunity to serve the community – I know it sounds cliche’, but I really thought that would be something I would want to do.” 
Malm’s law enforcement career started at the Salt Lake County Jail. He spent about four years as a corrections officer. “I had a great experience in the jail. I learned a lot in the jail.” 
But his dream was police work and he eventually got on with Salt Lake County. “It’s exciting. It’s stressful. Every kind of emotion you can think of.” As a patrol officer the 42 year old lawman says he often felt like the line between chaos and calm. “In my particular area we were at the time – we were handling a lot of calls so you go call to call to call. ” “Some are hilarious and some are just terrifying.”
Eventually he became a detective – investigating fraud, burglary and property crimes. 
“I found myself being more reactive than being able to help people with the preventative side of things.” And that lead him to the COP or Community Oriented Policing program – where he was able to interact, inform and teach people why police do what they do. “This is why an officer has to treat a traffic stop the same way every time. They don’t know who you are and what your motivations are.”
And that  now includes being part of the citizen academy. An eleven week course that shows every day people what police face every day. “Were giving you as close to a real experience to what it feels like to walk in the shoes of an officer.”
In addition – Detective Malm says the experience allows people to get to know officers. “Being able to show people we are human. We do have feelings. We do genuinely care.” Detective Malm says teaching the public about police work was not his plan when he became an officer – but he says today that’s his favorite part of the job. “I have the best job in the office because I’m talking to people everyday and I feel like I am able to help make a difference.”  “Its amazing. I wouldn’t give it up for anything.” 
The next citizens academy for Unified Police is in late August. Check with  your local police department because several also offer similar opportunities throughout Utah.
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