BOUNTIFUL, Utah (ABC4) – Have you noticed streetlights with purple lights popping up around the city? Turns out, they are supposed to be the white we are all accustomed to.

Bountiful City’s Power Department told ABC4 the purple street lights are caused by a manufacturing defect in the LED lights used to illuminate the streets. The LEDs use a mixture of blue and white lights as well as a special coating in order to get the desired color.

City officials told ABC4 the LED lights are a couple of years old now. As they heat up from use, the coating gets corroded away, causing the lights to turn into a more blueish-purple color, as opposed to the desired blueish-white.

Bountiful City Power said the problem isn’t unique to Bountiful. One representative told ABC4 the manufacturing defect is a nationwide problem, with purple lights popping up across the United States.

So far, Bountiful City Power has received 50 reports of the purple lights and has been changing them as soon as they can. The lights have been a headache for the city’s power department, as they cause additional operational costs to change lights that had only recently been changed.

As the purple lights continue to pop up, Bountiful City Power is asking residents to report them with the light pole’s utility number so the lights can be changed out as quickly as possible.