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Why a Rookie Officer Followed His Father’s Footsteps

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 UTAH) Last year we introduced you to Salt Lake City Police Detective Cody Lougy in one of our Behind the Badge stories. At the time he told us his son was in the police academy. Well, a few months ago he graduated and was hired by West Valley City Police. An experience he described by saying “I was real excited to get the badge. I remember that feeling of wearing the badge – the coolest feeling ever. My dad there – that was awesome.” 
So, this week we thought we would check  back with the Lougy family – but this time with the rookie – Officer Lougy. So, what’s it like being new in blue? And following the footsteps of your father?  We find out in this week’s behind the badge?
 “I grew up with it. It runs in the family. As a little kid my parents have pictures of me wearing my dad’s boots and uniform and stuff like that.  So, it was always something I was interested in – so, growing up I just kind of new that is what I wanted to do.” 
And today – Stanton Lougy is doing exactly what he always wanted to do as an officer with the West Valley City Police Department. “I love how diverse it is. You don’t go to work everyday with the same day and doing the same thing everyday. There are so many different things that happen at work – it’s a different day everyday.” 
The 22-year old is the first to admit he may not look old enough to be a cop. And he says the public constantly reminds him.  “Oh, daily. All the time.”  But he says behind the youthful appearance is an officer trained, certified and ready. “As an officer you see people at their worse time – when they’re in chaos and having a rough day. So, to be able to bring the calm to the storm – that is what I love doing .”  He’s also an officer who is bi-lingual which allows him to help and interact with even more people in West Valley City. “I use it (Spanish) all the time out here. All the time.”  He’s an officer who loves arresting those who are a danger to society.  “To be able to put the cuffs on and take that person off the streets – that is really rewarding.”  And he is an officer who looks forward to serving and protecting in all kinds of ways. “I would really love to do canine. I always loved dogs. West Valley uses its K9 all the time. It’s fun to watch them work. It looks like a fun job. That is something I would love to do.”  
We have more from Officer Stanton Louby below in our web extra. And to see the story on his father, Sgt. Cody Lougy click the link below. 
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WEB EXTRA: Officer Stanton Lougy talks about the first months on the job.
“I’ve been quite a few homicides. I’ve been on – I was on the shooting at the mall – I was on that. I was one of the first few officers here – I was brand new then. I think my second week I was on a homicide. Honestly, that is why I wanted to come to this department – just for the experience and challenge of being such a busy department.  ” 

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