WEST BOUNTIFUL, Utah (ABC4) – WholesomeCo has announced a new line of cannabis products and a plan to expand its cultivation operation.

The new line will be packaged eco-friendly and will offer the greenhouse-grown Kiwi, Thin Mint, and Gorilla OG strains. These strains are new to the Utah market and are recommended for pain relief, inflammation, relaxation, PTSD, arthritis, and many other medical issues.

With over a year in the Utah medical cannabis industry, WholesomeCo CEO Chris Jeffery has stated, “It quickly became clear that cannabis flower supply could not keep up with the high demand. This harvest, along with other future products, will help ensure our state has a more consistent, affordable supply of quality medical cannabis for years to come.”

The cannabis will be sun-grown, which means less environmental impact, and will be packaged in glass jars made from over 50% recycled materials. The company has also ordered over 60,000 lids made from ocean-recovered plastic, which will remove 1,500 pounds of plastic from the oceans.