SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Utah is home to a lot of different public and private universities. Regardless of the institution, many young peoples’ college experience has been radically changed by COVID-19. Here’s how their different graduation rates compare for upcoming commencements in 2022.

The information for this article was taken from a mix of internal and external data reports for different universities around Utah. Percentages are usually taken from expected time for graduation versus enrollment, with some statistics adjusted for average time to degree. University graduation rates are calculated by the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) which uses a 6-year, first time, fulltime bachelor’s degree as a benchmark, which can skew some of the following numbers.

  • The University of Utah comes in at a 67% predicted graduation rate for 2022, with an increased rate to 79% within 8 years of enrollment.
  • Utah State University reports a 49% predicted graduation in 2022, at a 150% time to degree average. This means most graduates took 5-6 years instead of the average expected 4. Female students at USU are expected to graduate at a 55% rate, with male students at 40%.
  • Westminster University is predicted to have a 69% graduation rate in 2022, with female students graduating 73% of the time and male students 63% of the time. It also has an 150% time to degree average.
  • Weber State University is predicted to have a 36% graduation rate for 2022, with a 9% transfer rate. This means that 7% of enrollees at weber state transfer to a different university before reaching their expected graduation.
  • Utah Valley University is expected to have a 32% graduation rate for 2022, with a similar transfer rate of about 9%. UVU representatives commented on these statistics, calling comparing them to other schools is like “apples to oranges.” “The 8-year first-time, full-time bachelor’s degree graduation rate, UVU is 66%,” says Scott Trotter.”
  • Southern Utah University is expected to have a 46% graduation rate for 2022,
  • Dixie State comes in at 35% graduating for 2022, with a transfer rate of 11%.
  • Finally, BYU Provo tops the charts for Utah with a 75% graduation rate for 2022, at a relatively lower time to degree average than other universities in Utah.

Compared to previous years, most Universities in Utah have only experienced a small percent change in graduation in recent years , if at all. This could be explained by many different factors, but could also indicate that University students in Utah were able to continue their studies to graduation relatively well despite the COVID-19 pandemic.