Where Utah’s national parks rank on list of most dangerous

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UTAH (ABC4) – Without question, Utah’s National Parks are stunning. From Zion to Bryce Canyon and Arches to Canyonlands, the parks attract thousands of visitors every year. But with that attendance comes some dangerous situations.

A recent report from outdoor blog Outforia ranks the most dangerous U.S. National Parks based on data for the past decade from the National Park Service.

The report shows Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Great Smoky Mountain National Parks are the deadliest, reporting 134, 126, and 92 deaths, respectively.

Across all of the national parks, the data indicates the most common causes of death were falls, amounting to 245 deaths. Medical or natural deaths accounted for 192 while an ‘undetermined’ cause made up 166 deaths.

According to Outforia, these are the top 10 most dangerous national parks:

  1. Grand Canyon
  2. Yosemite
  3. Great Smoky Mountain
  4. Sequoia & Kings Canyon
  5. Yellowstone
  6. Denali
  7. Mount Rainer
  8. Rocky Mountain
  9. Grand Teton
  10. Zion

Utah’s Canyonland came in 24th, Arches and Capital Reef tied at 31st (with Glacier Bay and Dry Tortugas), and Bryce Canyon at 42nd (tied with Wind Cave).

Here’s a look at how many annual visitors the Utah parks have recorded, the causes of deaths, and how many deaths have been reported over the last decade, according to the National Park Service:


  • Kayenta Trail Zion National Park _-2523281462943660966

Visitors: 4,488,268

Causes of death:

  • Drowning: 3
  • Falls: 22
  • Environmental: 8
  • Other: 1
  • Medical/Natural Death: 3
  • Undetermined: 6

Total deaths: 43


  • Experience_Canyonlands_by_night_with_din_0_20180607002654
  • canyonlands_np.jpg

Visitors: 733,996

Causes of death:

  • Falls: 3
  • Environmental: 2
  • Other: 1
  • Medical/Natural Death: 3
  • Undetermined: 4

Total deaths: 13


  • national park - Arches85794377-159532

Visitors: 1,659,702

Causes of death:

  • Falls: 2
  • Environmental: 1
  • Medical/Natural Death: 2
  • Undetermined: 1

Total deaths: 6

Capitol Reef

Visitors: 1,226,519

Causes of death:

  • Motor Vehicle Crash: 4
  • Medical/Natural Death: 2

Total deaths: 6

Bryce Canyon

  • Bryce Canyon National Park _-262893536468711408

Visitors: 2,594,904

Causes of death:

  • Environmental: 1
  • Medical/Natural Death: 2

Total deaths: 3

Here’s a full list, courtesy Outforia:

Danger Parks Infographic by Outforia

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