When the weather gives you snow – make snow sculptures

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MILLCREEK, Utah (ABC4 News) Lions, spiders, and dragons, oh my! Those are some of the creations popping up in a Millcreek neighborhood. However, they won’t be around for long because they are melting. You see, these works of art are snow sculptures. Four of them in four different yards, but made by one man, Shane Foster. 

We talked to Foster on Monday about his cold creations.

“When the conditions are right you have to jump on it. A chance to make something out of what you got. I had a whole lot of free snow and some free time.”

Foster says he is an amateur snow artist and says making the sculptures doesn’t always “work out as planned.” But he says that’s OK.  “Each time it falls – it’s a learning opportunity to build it better the next time.”

Foster created a dragon in his yard. Then moved onto his neighbor’s yards and added a deer, a spider and a snail. He says people stop by and drive by slowly to get a good look at his works.

“I get paid in smiles – the neighborhood kids are my target audience and also my biggest fans.” 

Foster says he started making igloos and snowmen a few years ago and has just progressed into these impressive figures.

“The more you do the better you get.” And he says anyone can learn how to make snow sculptures. “If you want to build something cool out of snow, start small and see what you can you’d be surprised what you can make out of snow.”

If you want to check out the snow sculptures, better act quick before they melt. You can find them near Arnette Drive and 2395 East, in the neighborhood behind the Fresh Market store in Millcreek. 

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