What you need to know about the Utah Fair Housing Act

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If you need a place to live no one wants to be discriminated against and that’s why the idea of fair housing is so important. Michael Barrett from Outreach and the Education at the Labor Commission has everything you need to know about fair housing.

The Federal Fair Housing Act sometimes referred to as title 8 of the 1968 Civil Rights Act and the Utah Fair Housing Act was enacted in 1988 and what the law basically says is that it’s unlawful for a landlord or property manager to take certain actions against a tenant or prospective tenant because of their membership and one or more of their protected classes.

The protected classes are race color religion sex national origin disability familial status those are protected both state and federally. And then here in Utah we have three additional protected classes in source of income sexual orientation and gender identity.

If you want more information, visit Utah.gov. You can also contact Michael at 801-675-8341 or send him an email at MichaelBarrett@Utah.gov 

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