What you need to know about CPR

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WEST VALLEY CITY (News4Utah) – Utah falls below average on one life-saving practice—CPR. So, West Valley City Fire has decided to make the technique easier than ever bu implementing “Hands Only CPR.”

In their new training video, they parody life in Utah while teaching correct CPR practices. The video says, “Nationally, bystanders start CPR about 40 percent of the time. Here in Utah that rate is much lower, about 20 percent.”

Battalion Chief Bryan Larsen explained new research showing mouth to mouth just isn’t effective. The compressions keep the blood pumping. He said, “People have a fear that they have to do mouth to mouth, they have a fear that they have to be certified and there’s a lot of numbers that they think they have to remember so we are just trying to take a lot of the difficulty out of it.”

The key to good compressions are: 

  1. Place the ball of your hand at the center of the chest. 
  2. push down two inches and fully release twice per second (or to the beat of “Staying Alive.”)
  3. Correct CPR will actually crack the ribcage, but you need that much pressure and depth to keep blood circulating throughout the body. 

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