What you need to know about advance directives

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Does your family know your wishes in the unfortunate event that you are left unable to communicate with them after an accident or illness?

Sue Childress is the Director of Nursing Services at Huntsman Cancer Institute. She says everyone should have a plan in place known as an advance directive.

“An advance directive is a way to tell your family and doctor your wishes if you cannot make decisions yourself,” Childress explained.

Various studies suggest only a quarter of adults have engaged in advance care planning, she added.

“It is best to get your advance directive now while you are able to think clearly and before a crisis happens,” said Childress.

She recommends people review and update them every year.

“Understanding your choices and making them known now can ensure you get the care you want if you ever become seriously ill or hurt,” she said.

The National Healthcare Decisions day was on April 16th. This week, people are encouraged to join the movement and make a plan.

Forms are available to help you express your wishes to your family and doctors before a crisis. Do it today, before it’s too late.

More information can be found at www.huntsmancancer.org

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