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What to do if you encounter wildlife in Provo

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PROVO, Utah (ABC4) – One of the beautiful things about living in Provo is its proximity to wildlife.

As days warm up, the Provo Police Department is advising local residents to be aware of wildlife in the area.

The department states that encounters might be more frequent during the warmer months and pets may be the first ones to experience the occasional run-in.

“Dogs are most likely to have encounters with deer during the late spring and early summer months when deer are fawning,” the police department shares.

According to Provo Police, does become much more aggressive during this time in a bid to protect their young, and they may chase or even trample dogs they consider a threat.

“If you see a doe or fawn in your yard, do not let your dog outside unattended,” they add.

Officers recommended to leave the wildlife alone completely and to not approach it either.

“Motion-activated sprinklers are a great deer deterrent,” informs the Provo Police Department.

Deer and does are not the only wildlife encounters you will have in Provo, there are also cougars, raccoons, skunks, and even rattlesnakes.

According to the Provo Police Department, the same rules apply to all wildlife as to deer and does. In order to reduce wildlife encounters and putting your pets in danger, officials say the best thing you can do is to keep them inside during nightfall.

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