What to check on your car before heading out on a summer road trip

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It is often understood that you check or replace tires before winter, but many forget about the Summer months. With the high temperatures, many do not realize just as many problems can happen. Winston Bennion, the general manager of the brand-new Ken Garff West Valley Ford dealership, joined Nicea DeGering to talk about some things to think about before heading out on a summer road trip. 

Bennion says there are a few simple things you can do to help ensure that your vehicle is road trip ready. First, check the tire pressure of your tires, including your spare tire. Driving on underinflated tires on hot roads with a vehicle full of people and luggage is a recipe for disaster. You’ll also want to check your tires for uneven wear and tear and excessive tread wear.

You’ll also want to check your engine fluids including your oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid and windshield washer fluid. Don’t forget to check your windshield wipers. You don’t want to be out on the road with a windshield full of bugs or caught in a summer rainstorm when you realize they are not working correctly.

Bennion says worn or damaged windshield wipers are dangerous. Here in Utah, our windshield wipers get a lot of use during the winter, and our hot summers can cause the windshield wipers to get brittle and crack. This makes them ineffective when a summer rainstorm hits, or when you need to quickly clean off your windshield during a road trip.

Tire rotation is an important part of vehicle maintenance, because it can help extend the life of your tires and make your ride smoother and safer. Different manufacturers have their own recommendations on when to rotate your tires, so everyone should check their owner’s manual. Bennion says they recommend rotating the tires every time you get your oil changed. Before you head out on a road trip, you’ll want to inspect your tires for worn tread, bulges, cracking or other punctures, cuts or snags.

Ensuring that your vehicle’s air conditioning system is in good working condition is important for comfort and safety. It’s also important to get your battery tested so you don’t end up stranded somewhere remote. Even if you have your battery tested, Bennion says it’s not a bad idea to have jumper cables in your vehicle, just in case.

Ken Garff West Valley Ford dealership is offering a FREE multi-point inspections to anyone that visits. They will assess your vehicle in their state-of-the-art service center so that you can feel confident on the road all summer long. And, during the month of June, you will also get FREE wiper blades and a car wash.

A multipoint inspection includes an examination of your entire vehicle, with each area rated for its condition. They will examine fluids, power button operation, lights and sounds, the windshield, the HVAC system, engine components, battery and tires to give you that peace of mind about your vehicle.

The dealership is located at 4091 W. 3500 S. in West Valley.

You can also visit them online at KenGarffWestValleyFord.com, or call 801-559-0500.

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