SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – The first round of stimulus checks from President Trump’s $2 trillion Coronavirus Bill are on their way to some Americans bank accounts.

What exactly do you intend on doing when you receive yours?

Some financial experts suggest spending, saving or paying bills depending on your current financial status.

“According to what I’ve read, It’s based on one’s tax that you filed in 2018-19,” said Joseph Wheat, a Salt Lake City resident. “So, whatever those brackets look like.”

Wheat anticipates he’s receiving a stimulus check.

“For me if I were to receive up to $1,200 I would save it, but I also have a baby expecting,” said Wheat. “So, that’s probably why I would save it.”

Wheat, who works as an Human Resource Manager, is currently still working, but a large percentage of Americans aren’t.

Google Trends shows inquiries about stimulus checks is the number one question searchers are asking.

According to the Associated Press, the Internal Revenue Service anticipates to make about $60-million stimulus payments through direct deposit in mid-April.

Starting May 4th, paper checks will begin being issued at a rate of about five million checks per week.

So, it could take up to 20-weeks to mail them all which means some checks may not make it to some Americans mailboxes until the week of August 17th.