What Salt Lake City’s economic year means for you

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (News4Utah) When it comes to the economy, Salt Lake City is celebrating a successful 2017. New companies moved here, new jobs came to town, and it’s making a big difference in the city’s bottom line. To share what that means for you, Peter Makowski from Salt Lake’s Department of Economic Development joined Good Morning Utah. 

When we wrapped up 2016/2017 this past June, our department had recruited 12 companies, secured nearly 3,000 jobs, and over $350-million in capital investment. We are just half way though the new fiscal year and we’ve recruited 6 companies, totaling 4,800 jobs, and over $400-million in capital investment. (This includes Amazon, which was announced in July, 2017)

Keep in mind, these are just the companies that we can talk about publicly and who have chosen to share their investment totals with us. Our team, in partnership with the regional and state partners have more than 100 projects that we are tracking.

The good news is that we are so busy with so many projects and companies we are talking to that our business development team does continue to grow. We need the growth so we can have the people-power to keep up with the projects, continue to provide excellent customer service to our clients, and do some of the necessary internal work that is required. We are currently looking to bring on two business development coordinators, and a workforce development position.

Economic Development is a priority for Mayor Biskupski, and her support of the work we do and providing us with the resources we need has been instrumental in our success and security the economic vitality of SLC.

The RDA is always busy with redeveloping and revitalizing our neighborhood and business districts. They are in the process of creating some new project areas throughout the city.

The Arts Council just had another successful Holiday Craft Market with more record-breaking numbers, and that team is already hard at work looking ahead to their seasonal programming.

Our local business and entrepreneurship manager continues to work with our partners at Main Street America and the work plans for the two designated areas in SLC are shaping up nicely. We continue to meet with businesses of all sizes and industry in SLC to make sure their needs are being met and that SLC continues to be a place where they want to do business.

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