MURRAY, Utah (ABC4) – Multiple structure fires have broken out along the Wasatch Front in the last week, uprooting people from their homes. In this kind of situation, where do people go and how do they get back on their feet?

The latest apartment fire happened early Thursday morning at the Stillwater Apartments in Murray. Officials said Thursday evening the fire is believed to be human-caused and said it has displaced 50 people.

“We lost everything, but we can regain,” said resident Jordan Watts. “It’s tough but I just keep my head up and keep moving forward.”

When the Red Cross shows up on home or apartment fires, Cory Weaver, the organization’s regional disaster officer, said they help to provide temporary relief for those affected.

“That immediate assistance includes money, that is going to help provide lodging support for the next couple of nights, food, and if they need some clothing items, and also some additional support if there is necessity for medical needs or mental health support,” he said.

After a few days, Red Cross support does end, and Weaver said it’s then up to renter’s insurance to help those affected by a fire with long-term assistance.

“Depending on how quick they’re able to provide resources, they help them with that longer-term recovery to help get them situated in a new place, help replace items that were lost,” he said.

Residents told ABC4 News renter’s insurance is required by the apartment complex.

“I’ve already called my policy holder all they’re waiting for is a fire report and then my case will be settled,” Watts said.

While it may take some time to figure out all the details of what’s next, residents said they’re taking this unforeseen incident a day at a time.

Because no one knows when disaster will strike, Weaver said the Red Cross encourages each person to have a 72-hour kit ready to go.