SALT LAKE CITY, Utah(News4Utah) How does Utah rank when it comes to women leadership in the workplace? According to a new study, not very good. A group called ‘The Utah Women and Leadership Project’ says the percentage of women CEO’s and presidents in our state has decreased in the last 4 years. Dr. Susan Madsen, Director of Utah Women and Leadership Project, joined Emily Clark, to talk about how why this is happening.

Of the 343 Utah companies that reported having CEOs within the state, 4.7% currently have female CEO’s, while 95.3% have males. The number of females in those positions are down slightly from 2014, when 4.8% of Utah CEO’s were women.

Other analyses show that when a CEO is a woman in the state of Utah, there is a greater chance that there will also be women on their board of directors.
Of the 190 companies that reported the gender of their presidents (if different from their CEO), only 3.7% of them were female compared with 6.2% in 2014.

In addition, for companies headquartered outside of Utah (e.g. Walmart), data was gathered on the gender of the top manager or leader within the state at each location that had more than 100 employees. Of the 320 locations that reported these data, 10% had
female managers, half the amount than in 2014. This is a significant drop, and it could relate to the industries of the companies that have moved into the state of Utah in the last four years.
Interestingly, a correlation analysis showed that when a company had a female president, it was more likely that the company had a female as their board chair.

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