SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Another Utah city – Taylorsville – will gain access to Google Fiber. This is the sixth city and the first on the west side of the Salt Lake Valley.

Google Fiber is also available or coming to Salt Lake City, South Salt Lake, Provo, Millcreek, and Holladay.

But what is Google Fiber and why is it expanding in Utah?

The provider uses fiber optic cables to bring high-speed internet to homes and businesses, Jacob Brace, Utah’s Government and Community Affairs Manager with Google, tells ABC4.

When given approval, like Taylorsville officials did earlier this month, Google Fiber is able to install the fiber optic cables in the city’s utility right of way. It can then be run to the house once residents sign up for service.

Brace explains this is done via private investment, meaning cities are not paying for Google Fiber to come in.

He adds that Google Fiber does not only brings high-speed internet to your area, but can impact other internet providers.

According to Brace, when Google Fiber comes to a neighborhood, it can cause other internet providers to become more affordable, which can help cut the digital divide.

Simply, the digital divide is the gap between those that have access to computers and the internet and those that do not.

“The internet is a powerful resource,” Brace says. Google Fiber looks to work with metropolitan areas, as well as schools, libraries, and nonprofit organizations, to create digital equity and inclusion.

Access to affordable, high speed internet is key to cutting the digitial divide, according to Brace.

While Brace couldn’t say where Google Fiber will expand to next, residents in Taylorsville will have access to the broadband internet soon.

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