What is a ‘Restricted Person,’ and how do they still get guns?

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SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah (ABC4 News) – After a standoff in South Salt Lake Wednesday night, we wanted to learn more about how someone becomes a “restricted person” — and how that person still gets guns.

“If you are a restricted person, you are prohibited from possessing or owning a firearm or dangerous weapon,” said attorney Jason Schatz.

James McCormick was the suspect in a standoff Wednesday night. Last January, he was charged with six counts of Purchase, Transfer, Possession or Use of a Firearm by Restricted Person.

“There’s four categories, I would say, that make somebody a restricted person,” said Schatz.

“That’s either somebody who has been convicted of a domestic assault, somebody who’s got a prior felony conviction, somebody who is in the country illegally or somebody who is either a user or possessor of an illegal controlled substance.”

How does somebody get a gun if they’re restricted?

“They’re probably buying them off the street. They’re stolen, they’re not the kind of person who is going to go into Sportsman’s Warehouse and purchase a firearm,” said Schatz.

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