Friday marks the Jewish holiday of Passover. Sure you’ve heard of it, but do you really know what Passover is about? 

Rabbi Avremi Zippel, Program Director at Chabad-Lubavitch of Utah in Salt Lake City joined us in studio to explain the tradition.

“Passover celebrates the miraculous exodus of the Jewish people from slavery in Ancient Egypt ,” Rabbi Zippel said.

This year Passover falls at sundown on Friday, March 30th and ends at nightfall on April 7th.

“When the Jews finally left Egypt, they did so in a hurry and their bread did not have time to rise,” Rabbi Zippel explained. “In commemoration of that, Jews don’t eat any leaven products and eat matzah,” he said.

Matzah is a cracker-like bread. Passover is celebrated by eating matzah with a meal on the first two nights. The feats is known as the seder.

“The seder is rife with rituals and tradition, like eating matzah, drinking four cups of wine, and the asking of the ‘four questions’ and recounting the Passover story,” he said.

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