UTAH (ABC4) – Last spring, the More Than A Flag effort prompted Utahns from across the state to submit more than 7,000 ideas and designs for a new state flag. Through this year-long initiative, artists on the Design Review Subcommittee worked with flag artists to narrow down and refine 20 semi-final designs.

Now, Utah is asking for the public’s feedback.

(Image courtesy Sen. Dan McCay, Twitter)

Utahns are asked to consider whether each flag represents Utah and all Utahns, and provide their reasoning why. In a statement asking for public comment, Utah Gov. Spencer J. Cox, along with legislative leaders, say a public conversation about designing a new state flag offers Utahns the chance to talk about who we are now, as a people and as a state.

The 20 semi-finalists all share common themes associated with Utah such as the beautiful mountain landscape, a sense of community and family, and a connection to nature. Each had common symbols to help represent Utah like the snow-capped mountains of the north, the adventurous red rock of the south, and, of course, the beehive that has always represented Utah’s hard working industry. 

The flags utilized blue hues to represent knowledge freedom, justice, optimism, and Utah’s sky and lakes. Gold was incorporated for prosperity, industry, happiness and to symbolize the desert.

Orange and red hues represented southern Utah and its expansive red rocks as well as strength and perseverance. Finally, white visualized Utah’s mountains, snow, and salt, while standing for peace and truth.

The semi-finalist flag designs will be available to see on display at a pop-up exhibition at the Utah State Capitol after a press conference later this month, on Sept. 22. Flag exhibitions will also be posted in Logan and Cedar City.

Public feedback will be accepted until Wednesday Oct. 5. Utahns can provide their feedback at the More Than A Flag website at flag.utah.gov/final-flag-designs/

After reviewing public feedback, the Design Review Committee will select four to six finalists to be presented to the Utah State Task Force, led by Gov. Cox and Lt. Gov. Deidre Henderson. The task force will then present a final design to the Utah Legislature later this year.