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What does the fox say? The Heber Police Department knows

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HEBER, Utah (ABC4) – Not your typical day, when you come across a man-fox.

On March 28, the Heber Police Department was taken by surprise when during one of their patrols near 600 west, they came across a man dressed up as a fox.

As both Officer Hendricksen and Officer Powers approached the man, only one question rang true to their hearts; “What does the fox say?”

According to the police department, the man is known to create all his costumes and loves to spread positivity. When officers asked him what he was doing out and about wearing a fox costume, he replied, “It’s all just for some innocent fun.”

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out,” the Heber Police Department tells ABC4 in an exclusive interview.

“You never know who or what you may run into each shift on patrol…Officer Hendricksen and Officer Powers found out what the fox says today,” they share.

As to what the answer was, unfortunately, the Heber Police Department was unable to disclose it but prompts others to conduct their own thorough investigations.

For those out of the loop, “What does the fox say” was a popular song produced by musical artist Ylvis in 2003. The song then took the world by storm and as of today has over one billion views.

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