What are COVID-19 testing procedures?

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – You might notice things were a little different at ABC4 this last weekend. That’s because we’re taking the health and safety of our ABC4 family seriously.

Saturday, our very own Nick McGurk called to tell us he was under the weather, and was later directed to get a COVID-19 test by a nurse at IMC.

Jordan Verdadeiro followed up and has more tonight on his experience.

Some of you are probably wondering what it’s like to be tested and Nick documented that for us and he’s home since we’re all taking preventative measures until he’s either cleared or quarantined.

“They stuck up this swab, it was really skinny and they had to leave it there for a few seconds and it was profoundly uncomfortable,” said Nick.

Symptoms of coronavirus can vary for those who may be diagnosed with COVID-19. For Nick, his muscles felt sore and his feet were extremely cold.

“I can tell things feel different and given the current climate I thought let’s do this,” said Nick.

He went to a drive-up site on Saturday after calling the COVID-19 hotline to find out how to get tested.

“People who look like they’re in moon space suits who are coming up to test you,” said Nick.

Nick says the doctors told him the test will take up to three days to get results and he should stay home and isolate while waiting.

If you’re feeling sick, make sure to contact your health care provider and try to use telehealth if possible to prevent the spread.

There are 27 COVID-19 related deaths reported in our state and over 600 people have recovered. If you feel like you could have symptoms and want to be tested, go to coronavirus.utah.gov/testing-locations

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