WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah (ABC4) – The West Valley City Police Department (WVCPD) has released the body camera footage from the officer-involved critical incident that occurred within the community on August 7.

WVCPD Public Information Officer Roxeanne Vainuku says that the footage was gathered from the body camera worn by the only WVCPD officer on the scene, though three Taylorsville officers were also present.

As the camera was activated immediately before the shooting, the actual incident is featured in the first two seconds of the video.

WVCPD Chief Deputy Brandon Christiansen says police received reports of a shooting in the parking lot between the Sizzler’s and the Carl’s Jr. on 3469 Redwood Road at 1 p.m.

Chief Christiansen reports that officers immediately responded to the shooting victim while other officers began searching the area for the suspect. Officers were able to locate the suspect, who has been identified as Mitchell Halsey, outside of the Indoor Swap Meet at 1500 West 3500 South.

In the video, Halsey is positioned on the sidewalk in front of a parked vehicle, while the officer is positioned between that vehicle and a second parked vehicle. It is important to note that the video has no audio, so it remains unknown as to what was said between the WVCPD officer and Halsey prior to shots being fired.

However, in the video, the suspect visibly brandished a handgun, to which the officer then produced his weapon and fired it at Halsey, as seen by the bullet casing in the footage.

Courtesy of WVCPD

Vainuku says that following the completion of the investigation into this incident by Protocol Team 1, the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office, whose investigators also reportedly responded to the scene, will review the investigation as well as the evidence collected and witness statements to determine weather the force used by the WVCPD officer violated any criminal laws.

Additionally, Vainuku adds that the investigation will also undergo review by the WVCPD as well as the Professional Standards Review Board and the Independent Board, made up of West Valley City citizens, to determine if the use of force complied with the agency’s policies and procedures.