DELTA, Utah (ABC4) – A West Valley man has been charged after allegedly assaulting multiple individuals with a hammer last Saturday. Oct. 22. 

Obed Orihuela, 22, is facing two first-degree felonies for attempted murder and aggravated burglary, a third-degree felony in aggravated assault, a class A misdemeanor for domestic violence/assault and a class C misdemeanor for intoxication. 

The Millard County Sheriff’s Office said in the charging document that officers were dispatched to a house in Delta around 3:15 a.m. last Saturday. They found Orihuela bleeding at the door and were informed by residents of the house that he had violently attacked his girlfriend and several other individuals prior to their arrival.

Orihuela reportedly grabbed his girlfriend by her hair and started punching her in the head after a dispute. Residents of the house jumped in to stop him, and he punched another person in the head. When they got him out of the house, Orihuela took a hammer out of the trunk of his car and hit a woman from the residence in the left shoulder. 

As the homeowner tried to shut the door on him, he struck him in the hand with the hammer and hacked at the front door. He then threw the hammer into one of the front windows to break it. Authorities arrived just as he went back to his car to retrieve two razor blades, a wire cutter and an ice pick. 

Investigators noted in the affidavit that Orihuela was intoxicated.