WEST JORDAN, UTAH (ABC4 News) – West Jordan Police are investigating the death of a 20-month-old boy who died after his parents told police he fell down the stairs. 

According to a search warrant, police say they got a call on at 5:35 p.m. on April 11th for an unresponsive infant at a home on Fargo Road. 

The caller told 911 the boy was “obviously not breathing and unconscious”. 

The boy was taken to Jordan Valley Hospital where doctors said the boy had a broken femur, rib fractures and closed head trauma and had no brain activity. He was then air lifted to Primary Children’s Hospital where the boy died, according to a search warrant.

Per the search warrant, investigators at the scene said the parents told them the child had fallen down the stairs and stopped breathing but medical professionals at Primary Children’s, including Safe And Healthy Families told police they do not believe a fall down the stairs would result in the type of injuries the boy suffered.

Doctors also noted the child weighed 22 pounds and said they had doubts regarding the injuries especially given the child’s weight.

“A lightweight child such as 22 pounds falling or tumbling down the stairs should not have suffered these injuries to this extent” was stated in the warrant. 

Police said they observed the stairs the parents said the child fell down and noticed there was a camera system installed but both parents said they did not know how to operate the cameras. Police also noted in the warrant the stairs lead to a basement and there was a child door at the top with a door knob and latch at the top of the stairs. 

“The base of the stairs, in the basement was finished with carpet pad and typical carpet, all upon a concrete floor,” said the warrant. “The stairs were rather steep and consisted of approximately 12 stairs.”

No arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.

According to the warrant, police searched the home for any surveillance computer system or server and any evidence of child abuse, child neglect, clothing, objects, instruments or items related to the crime of child abuse or child neglect that belong to the victim and or the involved suspects, according to the warrant.

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If you suspect child abuse or neglect is occurring, call the Child Abuse/Neglect Hotline 855.323.3237.

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