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‘We’re not done yet’ : Mendenhall joins SLC business owners to speak about mask mandate

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SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Mayor Mendenhall joined local business owners and speaks on Utah’s mask mandate, Friday.

On March 19, at 3:15 p.m., Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall alongside a group of business leaders from Salt Lake City discuss the end of the statewide mask mandate on April 10.

“Even as we welcome back people to our Salt Lake City eateries and barber shops, stores, and grocery stores across this fabulous capital city, we still need to exercise caution,” Mendenhall shares. “Even though COVID-19 numbers have dropped and are continuing to drop significantly over the last few months, mask-wearing is still vital, we are not done.”

According to Mendenhall, business owners are supporting the decision and are pledging to continue to require masks in their establishments until healthcare experts say it is safe for complete removal.

“I can’t forget Mayor Wilson’s mask order for Salt Lake County was an incredible asset for consumer confidence. It made a lot more people feel comfortable,” she adds.

Mendenhall then goes on to emphasize that the mask mandate not only helped slow the spread of the virus but “saved lives”.

“Masks have been good for businesses and I don’t want to see that progress destroyed,” she states. “I’m really grateful for businesses that are choosing to ask employees and patrons to keep wearing masks even after the masks mandate expires on April 10.”

With April 10 approaching, many Utahns are eager to return to somewhat of normalcy, but Mendenhall reminds the city to stay cautious as “we are not completely out of the woods.”

As of March 17, Utah Governor Spencer Cox’s announced that all Utahns will be able to register to get their vaccines earlier than originally planned.

Those looking to get vaccinated can search for doses by their favorite provider at http://coronavirus.utah.gov.

You can also search by vaccine type and for doses near you at http://vaccinefinder.org.

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