SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – The rollercoaster like weather in northern Utah continues as a very sensational Saturday is giving way to a stormy Sunday.

The high pressure that made Saturday so nice is moving away and allowing a storm system to bring in moisture to much of the state. Northern Utah will see the biggest chance for wet weather, but areas as far south as Cedar City could also see some rain come their way. Thunderstorms are also a possibility on Sunday. This will be strongest in the afternoon into early evening. And with all this, temperatures in Northern Utah will be 5-10 degrees colder than they were yesterday – which were about 10 degrees higher than the day before, giving us that rollercoaster of temperatures. 

This trend should continue into Monday where we will see calmer skies and warmer weather again before another storm system comes in on Tuesday to keep the cycle of up and down intact. The system coming in on Tuesday could linger a little longer giving us a chance for valley rain and mountain snow into Wednesday before we get a calmer Thursday. And, as you might have guessed, Friday could see another storm system come in.

In Southern Utah the chance of rain will be much less and wind could be an issue. St. George will have winds around 15-20 mph with some gusts possibly as high as 35 mph. The lower half of the state will have breezy to windy conditions throughout most of the week to go along with mostly sunny skies. 

There will be a lot going on this week, especially in northern Utah, so we’ll be watching it all and letting you know what to look for as you plan your week. 

The takeaway? Sunday brings wet weather to a good portion of the state before a calmer Monday comes in as the up and down weather cycle will continue like this throughout the coming week.

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