WEB EXTRA: Man tells dramatic account of police activity in his neighborhood

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MURRAY (News4Utah)- A hunt for a suspected fugitive in Murray early Wednesday had people living in the area of 1300 East and 6400 South on edge.

For Raland Brunson the police activity is nothing new.

“It seems like once a week I see cop cars over there and they hang out…it seems like they just can’t get to the bottom of it,” he said.

“It’s pretty shady…you see a bunch of cars over there…I’m like ‘What kind of ring is going on over there?’…And then the cops show up and they are there talking for hours…and I’m thinking ‘Do you think they’ll get to the bottom of it?'”

Listen to Brunson vent his frustrations to News4Utah photographer Greg Townsend:

For more on the incident in that area Wednesday morning click here.

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