OGDEN, Utah (ABC4) – It’s a parent’s worst nightmare: catching a man who’s attempting to break into their child’s bedroom. Last week, that happened to two Ogden parents.

Those parents tell ABC4 the whole family is shaken up and are sharing the story in hopes that it will prevent it from happening to another family.

“We don’t feel safe.” That’s the first thing Jasmine Varble told ABC4 Wednesday afternoon as she and her boyfriend Nazaerth Florez recounted the terrifying moments that happened last Friday around 1 a.m.

Varble said the pair was getting ready for bed. Florez took the family puppy outside one last time for the night when he looked on the roof. She told ABC4 it was then that he saw a man “peeking in my daughter’s window and he had the window lifted.”

Florez explained that he yelled at Varble to call the police while he confronted the man he recognized to be a neighbor.

Within minutes of the call, police arrived at the home on Monroe Blvd.

“When they got on scene,” Ogden Police Department Lt. Brian Eynon explained, “they encountered the homeowner who had detained an individual later identified as 40-year-old Reynaldo Paredes.”

Lt. Eynon said after officers made the arrest, Paredes admitted to using a ladder to climb onto the roof and peer into the young girl’s window with the goal of committing lewd acts.

During the investigation that night, police learned Paredes had also been charged last year in a seperate incident. Lt. Eynon told ABC4 the previous charges included “attempted forceable sexual abuse, which is a second-degree felony and lewdness, which is a class B misdemeanor.”

Varble explained later in the day, the family found a wooden chair and a case of beer under her bedroom window, and believe Paredes may have been watching her too.

She said the whole family is still shaken up, especially her four young children. She added, “They don’t even want to walk around the house without somebody following them. Me and my boyfriend have to go upstairs with them to change their clothes. They’re scared to take showers.”

Varble also said that since Friday, the whole family has been sleeping together in her bedroom. Florez said he hasn’t slept since that night because he relives what happened when he closes his eyes.

In hopes of building some of the familiy’s confidence back up, Varble enrolled her kids in self-defense classes and she is taking a gun safety course.

While talking to ABC4, she also had a warning for other parents. She said, “Just be cautious. Go by your gut feeling. Whatever you’re feeling, it’s there for a reason.”

According to Varble and Florez, the family has a restriaing order against Paredes.

The couple said he was living next door with his parents. They haven’t seen him since Friday morning, but another neighbor told the family they saw him pick up his car from his parents’ house when he was released from custody that same weekend.

Lt. Eynon said the police department charged Paredes with voyerusim of a child, tresspassing, and intoxication.